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Doug Wylie's World Famous Whale Tail Mugs

This Whale Tail handle is designed to fit ergonomically in your hand

Handcrafted whale tail mugs by Doug Wylie Design are the perfect treat for any art or marine life enthusiast. Browse through the photos of hand-sculpted mugs below, knowing each one is a unique work of art, designed and signed by artist Doug Wylie.

With education from California State University and the Pacific Whale Institute in Hawaii, Doug Wylie has thoroughly developed his artistic talent, creating accurate representation of humpback whale tails. Doug Wylie employs his experience and talent to create authentic looking and ergonomic whale tails for handles on each mug.

Contact Doug Wylie Design today for more information about custom whale tail mug designs.


blue ceramic whale tail mug


12 oz. $15.00


Doug Wylie's Whale Tail Mug

Whale Tail Mug

8 oz. $13.00




Whale Tail Mug w/Tail

Inside 12 oz. $17.00

Doug Wylie's 32 oz Stein

Whale Tail Stein

24 oz. $22.00

Doug Wylie's 32 oz Stein with Double Tail

Whale Tail Stein w/ Double Tail

24 oz. $26.00

Doug Wylie's Contemporary 12 oz Whale Tail Mug






Nordic Light Whale Tail Mug

12 oz. $15.00



Doug Wylie's 8 oz Contemporary Whale Tail Mug

Nordic White Whale Tail Mug

8 oz. $13.00

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