Joyful Life Series  -  Sale through July 31, 2020
Like a photograph, a sculpture can remind us to hang on to and cherish life's goodness.

Yes, times are changing, but let's not let it rob us from our joy.

These sculptures are reminiscent of sculptures Doug created during the years when his children were growing up and his heart was so filled with the kind of joy a parent feels for the first time. In them he portrays a smile on every face, a spring in their movement, their uniqueness, freedom of spirit and the desire to be together.

We have edition number 5/45 of each one of these 5 sculptures in house and ready to send to you.

About the Joyful Life Series
Size; approximately 12” h x 5” x 5" granite base.

Made from the highest quality of craftsmanship and bronze metal.