Harmony - Bronze Sculpture

Harmony - Bronze Sculpture

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Harmony  - Two dolphins dancing in such apparent harmony

Here's a sneak peak of Doug latest sculpture "Harmony". A pair of dolphins that come to life when in motion, joyfully & gracefully on a turntable. 

This bronze sculpture is a remake of the sculpture Infinity. Lost, but not forgotten.
Doug has done the impossible - Remaking this sculpture from muscle memory and a photo is amazing. It was a favorite sculpture from the early 1990's when his sculpting career began.

Each piece will vary slightly in color based on final foundry finishes.

 When COVID 19 closed our studio doors to the production of Doug's ceramic line of art, the world of time and creativity opened up for Doug. To an artist, time is where creativity flows from. It was a time of despair, yet all we could do was HOPE.


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Size 22" x 13"