Bronze - HOPE - Octopus
Bronze - HOPE - Octopus
Bronze - HOPE - Octopus

Bronze - HOPE - Octopus

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Hope is Doug's latest piece of marine life art. It is a limited edition bronze sculpture and there are only 20 in the edition. They are going fast, so get yours while they last.  

Designed in 2020, Hope is 14" tall and 27" long and is absolutely beautiful. 

Each of the 20 limited pieces are monitored through the foundries many phases of  the bronze making process.

Each piece will vary slightly in color based on final foundry finishes.

 When COVID 19 closed our studio doors to the production of Doug's ceramic line of art, the world of time and creativity opened up for Doug. To an artist, time is where creativity flows from. It was a time of despair, yet all we could do was HOPE.

HOPE is more than just a Name: It replaced despair.

H - Healthy...      happy, harmonious, helper

O - Optimistic...  open (to change), offer (help)            

P - Passionate...  patient, peaceful, present

E - Enchanting... elegance, everlasting, excitement, energy

With an image in mind, Doug's hands began to mold the clay, as though the images were flowing through his fingers with his eyes closed.

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Bronze - HOPE - Octopus