The Creations of Doug Wylie

Inspired Marine Life & Nautical Art


Welcome to the creative, unique world of Doug Wylie Design. Discover and enjoy the various designs and mediums that this fine artist utilizes for creating marvelous ceramic, bronze and pewter marine sculptural creations.

Doug Wylie is a naturally talented artist with education from California State University and over four decades of experience. Wylie participated in programs like the Fine Arts/Ceramics and Credential Education Program at the Pacific Whale Institute in Maui (1991-1993). With a broad understanding of humpback whales, and a strong eye for detail, Doug Wylie creates truly unique pieces of marine and functional art.

Wylie has experience working with ceramic, pewter, and bronze, and his experience with sculpting has made him a highly esteemed art instructor. Colleges, high schools, private schools and small groups can benefit from an education session with Doug Wylie.

Browse whale tail coffee mugs, ceramics, and other forms of functional art, or contact Doug Wylie now for more information. Each piece of art is hand crafted, and signed by Artist, Doug Wylie